Old Testament Stories for Puppets with the Nature Nuts Puppets

Stories to Enrich and Strengthen Faith
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1. WONDER of WONDERS Creation Genesis 1-2
2. NOAH and the GREAT FLOOD Noah Genesis 6-9:17
3. The NOISE of BABYLON Genesis 11
4. The BUSH that BURNED Moses Exodus 3:1-4:17

Old Testament Stories for Puppets with the McPuppet Children

Plays on Faith and Trust
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1. A PIECE of CLAY Creation Genesis 1-2
2. RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY Noah Genesis 6-9:17
3. A WALL OF WATER Moses/Exodus Exodus 14:1-31
4: A CAMPING TRIP…. Moses Exodus 14:1-31
5. NAUGHTY or NICE Samson Judges 13-16

Old Testament Stories for Puppets with the Tuffy Turtle and JR Rabbit

Stories on Faith, Trust and Obedience
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1. A Babe in a Basket Exodus 2: 1-10
2. Hard-Rock Words Exodus 34: 1-18
3. Deborah and the Do-Littles Judges 4
4: Elijah and the Priests of Ba'al Kings 18: 20-39

There are several more books of plays that will be available in the future for either short (5-10 minute) presentations or for larger events (such as Sunday School kick-off/Rally Day, Church socials, Holidays, Vacation Bible School, even sermons.) They can be presented by animal or people puppets although some are written specifically for one or the other. However, JR and Tuffy stories can be used with any puppets!

Stay tuned in at
jonimcnamara.com for future dates of availability