Bible Stories according to Tuffy Turtle

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A Romp through the Old Testament with the Spiriturtlus Family

Tuffy Turtle is the first of the “Spiriturtlelus Family” gifted with Faith in the Creator God of All that Is. It is his duty to share this faith and knowledge in the Creator with all the other animals.

Throughout the history of the “Chosen People” of the Old Testament, Tuffy and his descendants share the news of God’s Love for all of His Creation - except for one small rabbit, a very skeptical rabbit named J.R., who just cannot seem to grasp the idea of Faith in a God he cannot see.

From the beginning in the Land of Abundance and Beauty, to the days of the Prophets, Isaiah and Micah, these two families of Spiriturtlelus and Skeptirabbitus travel together. Tuffy talking about a God he cannot see yet he trusts — he doesn’t know how he knows, he just knows! And J.R., the skeptic who just doesn’t get it.

These characters and their stories are sure to delight, educate and entertain all God’s children, no matter the age!

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Bible Stories According to Tuffy Turtle
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